ADNS welcomes children with varied cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The school provides a friendly atmosphere in which children will be stimulated to develop to their full potential. Our main emphasis is on learning social skills through cooperative play and organized activities.

Our programming supports the accomplishment of early childhood development through play-based learning, focusing on:

  • sensory exploration
  • pretend and dramatic play
  • constructive play (drawing, painting, building)
  • music and movement
  • literacy and pre-reading
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • independent thinking and decision making
  • self-help skills and self esteem
  • assertiveness skills and respect for others

Our teachers act as facilitators of play, promoting positive interactions with peers and offering gentle guidance when necessary.

We see parents as partners in the running of our program, encouraging parents to share their knowledge and skills during circle time or on special occasions. Our program follows the same principles of learning through play that have been adopted into Ontario’s new full-day kindergarten curriculum, where children are given the opportunity to follow their natural curiosity and discover their world in a safe, nurturing environment.

Additionally, our program is enriched with regular opportunities for interactions with the residents of Rideaucrest. This intergenerational programming includes activities such as reading, music and movement, gardening, seasonal activities, and simply enjoying each other’s company. These interactions are beneficial on many levels for both our students and the residents.

Each year we publish a "parents' handbook" with information about our philosophy, policies, etc. Download the current handbook [PDF].

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