Family Responsibilities

As parents of a child at ADNS, you are members of a parent-led co-operative nursery school. This means that the very existence of the school depends on your commitment and dedication through the school year. The parent body works together toward common goals, the most important of which is to provide a happy, safe, satisfying preschool experience for our children.

Your annual responsibilities in the co-op are:

  • Snack Day
  • Volunteering for one of a number of positions
  • Participating in school activities and events as able


As a co-op, the costs of operating the school are kept down by employing our parents in volunteer roles. As a member of ADNS, each family must take on one volunteer position. The school offers various volunteer opportunities, including:

1. Membership on the Board

The Board is responsible for hiring teachers, applying for grants, budgeting, marketing and fundraising. The Executive Committee along with the Director carry out these and other duties. However, it is the Executive Committee, and hence, the members of ADNS, who bear final responsibility for the school.

Board Members are also expected to attend monthly Board Meetings. A number of executive positions, each with its own set of responsibilities, must be filled each year, including:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Treasurer
  • Communications
  • Registrar
  • Secretary
  • Marketing
  • February Event Liaison

2. Fundraising Organizers

ADNS carries out multiple fundraisers throughout the school year including Wilton cheese sales, coffee sales, Vesey's, magazines and Tupperware. Each of these fundraising initiatives requires a volunteer to oversee its marketing, ordering and distribution.

3. Silent Auction Event

ADNS generally holds one main fundraising event per year. Volunteers for this event are part of a committee who organize the entire event. The main responsibility for this committee is coordinating an event, typically including a silent auction or raffle.

Family Involvement

Involvement by all families at ADNS is essential for the effective operation of the co-operative. The quality of the Nursery School is directly related to the efforts and commitments of all the school members.

As a co-operative nursery school, we encourage families to contribute wherever they can, both financially and with their time. Parents and caregivers are always invited to circle time to share a special skill or experience with the class. We have fundraising activities throughout the school year which help us to keep up operations. Parents wishing to volunteer in their child’s class must be trained by the Director in the administration of an EpiPen, have read all pertinent policies and have provided the Director with a clear CPIC/VSC. Parents will not be permitted to volunteer in the classroom until all these criteria have been met.

Thank you for your support!

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