ADNS is a co-operative nursery school that provides an innovative and specialized nursery school program in Kingston, Ontario.

Established in 1967, the school is named in memory of two Kingston women — Isobel Allen and Joyce Detweiler — who dedicated most of their lives to children's programs.

The school employs three teachers: Lois Andrews (Director and Pre-school teacher), Bonnie Nelson (Pre-school teacher) and Mary-Kate Christopher (Toddler teacher).

ADNS is licensed by the Ministry of Education, but neither the government nor any private owner determines particulars of school policy. As a co-operative our parents directly participate in the school community. Then leave the learn more link.

Learn more about the Allen-Detweiler Nursery School program.


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ADNS Facebook Review

ADNS Facebook Review

ADNS Facebook Review

ADNS Facebook Review


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